The Sallie House

In the city of Atchison, Kansas, lies the Sallie House, plagued with paranormal occurrences, objects moving mysteriously, people receiving scratches, and fires starting. The house is commonly believed to be haunted by a little girl who died inside, allegedly. Did she exist? Is she haunting the home or is a demon?

Willowbrook State School

This is another case I discovered while I was watching American Horror Story.The Asylum season is set at the fictional Briarcliff Manor. While watching the season, I thought that the facility was awful and it could not be real. But it got my wheels turning, so I looked it up and found Willowbrook. Willowbrook was an awful facility for disabled children, located in Staten Island, New York.

Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez

Everman is Located on the southern edge of Fort Worth, Texas. It has a population around 6,150 people. In Everman resides a little boy named Noel Rodriguez- Alvarez. He lived a traumatic six years before he went missing. He has disabilities and deserved better. After not seeing Noel, family members reported him missing. His mother took her husband and other children and fled to India. Sadly Little Noel is presumed to be deceased. This is his story...

The Haunting of Kea Mill

In the city of Murrieta, in the southwestern region of California, resides an abandoned mill. Visitors have talked about seeing a little girl in a blue dress in the upper window of the mill, where she tragically died. Did these visitors really see her? Is it their imaginations running wild? Or just a ghost story told throughout time?

Nicola Cross: Mother’s Determination to Protect her Children

While Nicola Cross was at home, putting her children to bed. A mentally unstable individual was plotting a heinous plan.Nicols fought to protect her children and her husband heard the whole thing. This is literally a mother’s worst nightmare. Join me in remembering Nicola, her bravery, and determination to protect her children.

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