In The News July 17

Hello everyone! I have seen a lot of cases that I wanted to write about but there is not a lot of information to write about, so I decided to create this weekly series of news stories. If any of these cases merit an update or full post, I will update, in the future. Three... Continue Reading →

Jun 14

Hello All! I have been trying to keep up on a schedule but between work, allergies and my ADHD, its been a struggle! Well I posted about Matthew Shepard for Pride month. It is a story that got me in to true crime and started my fight to support the LGBT community so I hope... Continue Reading →


Welcome to the Curious Morbid Queen Community. This is a blog where I can write about cases that I want to talk about. I am using this opportunity to spread awareness and also give advice on how to avoid situations like these awful stories. This is in no way victim blaming; I just think we... Continue Reading →

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