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Hello everyone! I have seen a lot of cases that I wanted to write about but there is not a lot of information to write about, so I decided to create this weekly series of news stories. If any of these cases merit an update or full post, I will update, in the future.

Three Bodies found Mummified at Gunnison County Campground

A hiker was hiking in a wooded area near Gold Creek Campground, in Colorado, 20 miles northeast of Gunnison. This is when he saw three mummified bodies. Police suspected them to have died, at least a year ago. The hikers most likely resided in the campsite long-term. Malnutrition and exposure are the assumed causes of death. Police suspect foul play and the bodies have been yet.

Mother Attacked Staff at NICU and Took Baby

In Palm Beach, Florida, Kendra Greene entered the NICU of the Palms West Hospital on July 13, and took her baby from the ventilator, removed her central line from her stomach, a feeding tube, and other life saving devices. Her daughter, at the time, hospitalized for underdeveloped lungs. While trying to stop Kendra, she stabbed multiple staff members. Kendra escaped the hospital with her infant daughter. Police found her shortly after and charged with five different offenses. She ended up dropping the baby off with family and fled, but crashed her vehicle, then ran off on foot, then police apprehended her. Her daughter, admitted back to the hospital, is in stable condition. It was later found out that Kendra previously diagnosed with schizophrenia. Her charges include neglect to a child with great bodily harm, two counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, battery, and resisting an officer without violence.

Little Girl Fights off Attempted Kidnapper

In Miami, Florida, a six-year old named Lyric was playing at the playground at her apartment complex when a man tried to abduct her. This is when she bit his arm, then he picked her up, slapped her in the face, and threw her on the ground and ran. Before the attempted kidnapping, Lyric was playing outside with siblings, the siblings ended up going inside and she stayed outside, sitting on the stairs.

She felt someone grab her arm, then pulled her toward the back of the staircase. Lyric started to fight back, so he picked her up and carried her. This is when she bit his arm, causing him to drop her. She ran around the building to tell her aunt and police were able to identify his white van, using surveillance. She said that her mother taught her to bite if in danger. The man that tried to abduct her was Leonardo Venegas. Police charged him with one count each of kidnapping and child abuse with no great bodily harm.

Playground fight leads to brutal attack with Acid

11 Year-old Deaira Summers was playing on the playground at Vernor Elementary School Detroit, Michigan. This is when Her cousin became involved in a fight with an unnamed 12 year-old. Deaira said that she had no involved in the fight. One of the mothers handled the girl a bottle and she threw it at Deaira, her siblings, and cousins. She said she felt it burning through her clothes and on her skin, so she ran home, screaming.

It was acid. The mother had the audacity to tell her that is what she gets for messing with her daughter. The 12 year-old charged with felonious assault and assault with intent to do great bodily harm, which are both felonies. At a preliminary hearing, a judge ordered a $10,000 bond with a tether, or GPS device. She’s not allowed to contact Deaira or any witnesses. Her next court date is set for July 18. The mother has not been charged, hopefully that will change.

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