Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez

Everman is Located on the southern edge of Fort Worth, Texas. It has a population around 6,150 people. In Everman resides a little boy named Noel Rodriguez- Alvarez. He lived a traumatic six years before he went missing. He has disabilities and deserved better. After not seeing Noel, family members reported him missing. His mother took her husband and other children and fled to India. Sadly police presumed Noel deceased. This is his story…


Noel Rodriguez- Alvarez was born February 2, 2017 in Texas, to his mother Cindy Rodriquez- Singh. His father, deported back to Mexico before Noel was born, therefore they never met. She married Arshdeep Singh. He had different disabilities, such as a severe development disorder, social disorder, physical disabilities, and a chronic lung disease. The lung diease required extra care, including oxygen and special treatments. There are a lot of accounts of neglect and abuse.

At one point, Cindy Lost custody and Noel, alongside his two siblings, went into foster care to stay with Patricia Paris. Patricia said that Noel was a sweet little boy and that even though he had disabilities, he could talk, operate a tablet, and was making amazing progress. When approved to go back to Cindy, Patricia and her husband told her that if she needs any help with Noel, to contact them.

Cindy’s brother detailed that while a his house, a year prior, Cindy told him not to give Noel water. When Cindy found out that her brother gave Noel water, she hit Noel in the face with her keys, in another room. That was the last time the brother saw his nephew. Last seen in October 2022, when his twin siblings where born, witnesses seen Noel looking very malnourished. In November, Cindy got passports for all her children, excluding Noel. She also told people that Noel’s evil, possessed, a demon, and worried for the twins wellbeing. Witnesses last seen leaving the hospital with his “Family”.


On March 20, 2023, the Texas Child Protective Investigations (CPI) contacted the Everman Police, after getting multiple calls from family members, saying they have not seen Noel since November. Police then conducted a welfare check, where Cindy told the officers that Noel was in Mexico, living with his birth father. On March 23, CPI called police again saying that even more family members were concerned about Noel’s wellbeing.

They also spoke to his birth father. Not only did he not have Noel, but he never met his son, because he was born after his father left the country. The police questioned Noel’s siblings at their school. They found out Cindy unenrolled the kids. When the police tried to contact Cindy they were unable to do so, and when looking into her background they found that she had several CPS investigations and criminal history, therefore they issued an arrest warrant.

On March 25, The police issued an Amber Alert at midnight. Multiple law enforcement agencies searched for the family with no luck. They learned later in the evening that the family flew to Turkey, then India, without no record of traveling with Noel. The police issued an Amber Alert at midnight. The next day, on March 26, the police discontinued the Amber Alert and upgraded to an Endangered Missing Person. Police conducted a secondary search of the home on March 27. Although the police stated that they found no evidence of foul play, they did have cadaver dogs help search. Between march 30 and 31, Police conducted a search on the homeowner’s property, using sonar technology, after they received a tip about a newly pored concrete patio. However, the police found nothing to indicate that Noel was under the concrete.

On April 5, a judge issued a warrant, stating that Cindy’s brother reported to police. Cindy told him she sold Noel to an unidentified woman at a Fiesta Mart, but they could not find proof of Noel being sold. The police upgrade Noel’s status from Endangered to likely deceased on April 6.

On April 10, Police announced that the searched they conducted with cadaver dogs on March 27, alerted to topsoil in the backyard. They focused their search on the backyard, because of a tip they received, saying Noel’s stepfather threw out a carpet, before the family moved. Human Remain Detection Canines alerted to a nearby Dumpster, where they found the carpet, that once lined a makeshift shed, that is now the fresh patio. Investigators found out that Cindy Paid have the patio built in March of 2023. This allowed them issue a warrant to have crews remove the patio. When removed, canines alerted to the topsoil yet again.

On April 18, Police told the public that they were talking to people who communicated with Cindy and her husband, before the move, and they would conduct more searches through the weekend and the following week.On April 22, they conducted ground and drone searches over 215 acres of land. The police had a press conference that Arshdeep used his credit card to fly the family to India, 24 hours before they left. Arshdeep altered his company’s finances and took out 10,000 dollars. He then deposited 8,000 dollars into his personal account. When and if he is found, he will face felony theft charges.


Everman County has passed a law to create a park in Noel’s name. It will be named after his middle, Angel. Construction is set for the summer, with a projected opening in the Fall. It was created to keep his story in people’s minds and in memory of his tragic but short life.

Case Updates

This is an ongoing investigation. When available, I will include any caseudates. As of October 9, 2023, the only update is that surviallance was released of the family minus Noel have fleed America. This points to a low chance of Noel being safe. This, alogside, the concerate, does not look good for Noel.

Final Thoughts

I am not going to lie; this case was a rough one. Noel needed extra care and had the worst possible parents. In my personal opinion, I believed Cindy had some warped beliefs; whether they were from mental illness or not, I have no idea. But I think she believed disability proves the person is satanic. I read somewhere that she believed in Santa Muerte. In Mexican Catholicism, Santa Muerte, a deity that translates to “Saint Death”. I wonder if a combination Noel’s disability and her belief got twisted. Overall this is a tragic case. Now I wonder if they will ever return, which leaves me extremely worried for the safety of Noel’s living siblings.

Family did what they could to get Noel help. They reported her so many times. We really need a reform for CPS, because this could have been avoided. They had him in a safe home; someone who loved him and would have kept him.

Anyone with information regarding Noel’s case is urged to call the Everman Police Department at 817-293-2923 or 911.

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