The Haunting of Kea Mill

~I came across the Kea Mill, from my daughter, whose absolutely fascinated by this mill and the ghost story. So I knew i had to write it as my first paranormal story.~

In the city of Murrieta, in the southwestern region of California, resides an abandoned mill. Visitors have talked about seeing a little girl in a blue dress in the upper window of the mill, where she tragically died. Did these visitors really see her? Is it their imaginations running wild? Or just a ghost story told throughout time?

The Kea Mill, or as residents refer to it, the old mill, which was built in 1918, in Murrieta, California. Farmers needing a place to store their bulk grains, before shipping them to Los Angeles, therfore the mill was built. The concrete elevator measures 100 feet tall.

Kea Mill remained operational, until the 1970s, when it closed down. It sat next to train tracks and a depot. Prior to the mill shutting down, the tracks got removed. The mill became a hotspot for tourist to visits until it boarded up in 1991.

In 2013, the owner Lu Tung died. After his death, his son, Wellington Loh, donated it to the city of Murrieta. This happened as the city finalized a deal to make a park, located ten acres from the mill called Pioneer Park. This park is still in work, and has been vacant since 2013.

Although believed haunted by numerous ghosts, but the most known story told of the little girl in the blue dress. Legend has it that some will see the little in the upstairs window, and may hear her laugh, scream, or shrieking. Visitors may also feel a sense dread and sadness if they get too close. There is not much information on the little girl. Aleedgely, the little girl became stuck upstairs while a fire started and fell out of the window.

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