Lumber Baron Inn Murders

On the night of October 12, 1970, in Denver, Colorado, Cara Lee Knoche was planning on having a fun night with her friend. She previously dropped out of school and runaway to live at the infamous Lumber Baron Inn, but decided to get her life back on track. Before she had a chance, Cara and her friend Marianne Weaver were savagely murdered and their case is still unsolved.

The Brutal Murder of Cassie Stoddart

In 2006, in Pocatello, Idaho, Cassie Stoddart agreed to house sit for her family, not knowing that she would meet a terrifying end. Two boys that she considered friends would put a devious plan into action. They brutally murdered her, for no other reason than to do it. This is her story...

The Singing Strangler

In 1942, in Melbourne, Australia, residents lived under fear of attacks from Germany. This caused the country to mandate dimmed lights, resulting in brownouts. Lurking in the dark and taking advantage of a tragic time, a serial killer took three victims.

The Abduction Of Betty & Barney Hill

In 1961, In New Hampshire, Betty and Barney Hill were driving home from a vacation together. All of a sudden they saw a craft. What followed was missing time, confusion, speculation, and trauma from retrieving memories. Were they actually abducted or were they delusional or just plain lying? Join me in learning their story and... Continue Reading →

Oakley Carlson

Oakley Carlson was an adorable little girl, four at the time of her disappearance, from Oakville, Washington. Oakville, located in Grays Harbor, has a population of 722 people. Oakville remains a very small town. Described by her foster parents happy child, Oakley seemed like a vibrant, beautiful soul. She went missing after returning to her biological parents home, with no concern and cooperation from them. Did her parents do the unspeakable?

The Sallie House

In the city of Atchison, Kansas, lies the Sallie House, plagued with paranormal occurrences, objects moving mysteriously, people receiving scratches, and fires starting. The house is commonly believed to be haunted by a little girl who died inside, allegedly. Did she exist? Is she haunting the home or is a demon?

Kitty Genovese

Hello Everyone... Tonight I will taking us back to 1964, in Queens, New York. I planned to talk about Kitty Genovese last month, for my pride month but life got in the way and stopped me from posting as much. Kitty's tragic case includes a brutal murder and the infamous bystander effect.

In The News July 25

Elisabeth Tracy: Missing Pregnant Mom of 4 FoundTupac's Murder ReopenedFinal ThoughtsSources Elisabeth Tracy: Missing Pregnant Mom of 4 Found On July 19, 2023, around 1:30 PM, Elisabeth was last seen with her four children. This included her 1, 3, 7, and 9 year old. She was last seen in her 2013 Dodge Journey in Layton,... Continue Reading →

Jeffrey Dahmer: Monster of Milwaukee

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the 1980s and 1990's, a monster was lurking, victimizing young men. Some of his victims were gay and most of them minorities. Because of bias, he went undetected for way too long. This man was the infamous Jeffrey Dahmer. I wanted to cover this case, because this is the serial killer... Continue Reading →

In The News July 17

Hello everyone! I have seen a lot of cases that I wanted to write about but there is not a lot of information to write about, so I decided to create this weekly series of news stories. If any of these cases merit an update or full post, I will update, in the future. Three... Continue Reading →

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